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We use legislation as a tool so that our clients no longer
experience it as a constraint.

ALCAIX, experts in real estate law

ALCAIX assists real estate professionals, public and corporate clients with large-scale projects that require complex legal processes, from acquisition & land ownership to the delivery and operation of property transactions, including their financing.

Our mission

We fully engage with our clients and guide them through the whole process of transactions from start to finish, particularly in the decisive negotiation phases.

Our legal expertise is well placed to offer economically viable and, if necessary, innovative solutions, ensuring all data shared is securely managed in line with current data compliance regulations.

notre équipe

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History of the firm

We owe the reputation of our firm to its founder, Mr. Raymond MARMEY, who, as soon as it was established in 1959, began making resolutely innovative choices.

Based on the post-war reconstruction policy, it quickly turned to the real estate business for professionals and in particular ‘VEFA’ (sale before completion contracts/off-plan sale agreements), and thus helped many locals/many Lyonnais to get onto the property ladder.

In 1968, he set up one of the very first Professional Civil Society in France, deciding to form a partnership with two of his colleagues.

His successors, Mr Jacques-Louis Alcaix and Mr Philippe Bailly, who became partners in 1977 and 1983 respectively, continued this development, thanks in particular to their background in economics. The trademark of the firm became its ability to understand cases in their entirety, both in their legal and economic dimensions.

This specificity has allowed the firm to consolidate its position as an expert for real estate professionals in Lyon and now outside the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, and to increase its staff to over 80 employees.

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